Cori Brandon

    My name is Cori Brandon, and I am so pleased to be teaching at First Friends Child Development Center. I had the privilege of starting my time at First Friends by teaching in our one-year old classroom. Teaching our youngest friends was a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop ways to engage the growing minds of little ones and create a nurturing and stimulating classroom environment. 

    I am a Licensed Social Worker, having earned my Master of Social Work from Arizona State University in 2003. I went on to serve as a social worker in adult day health care, in which I created programs and provided support to older adults and their caregivers. My training and background as a social worker provided me with many skills which are vital to my current role, particularly reflective listening and empathic communication. 

    I am also a mother to five children who have done their part in helping me to gain an understanding of the social and emotional needs of young children as well as a deep appreciation for the wonders of childhood discovery and learning.

    In my class, it is my hope to do the same for your children–to foster a love of learning and exploration through play and discovery.  I hope to see their eyes light up when they hear their favorite part of a story or mix blue and yellow paint into green.  I hope to see them happily engaged as they explore a sensory bin or create their own world from blocks and matchbox cars.  I hope to hear their laughter as we play our instruments to a silly song.  I hope to see the pride in their faces when they’ve successfully shared a favorite truck or prepared a toy-kitchen meal for a friend.  Most of all, I hope that our class will be a place where your child feels joyful, loved, and nurtured!  

    I look forward to having a wonderful year with you and your children!

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